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Greedy Goblins

Greedy Goblins is an infinite runner mobile game, but you play as the goblins trying to escape the castle with as much gold as you can! The more you steal, the more you can build up your own defenses and village.

On this project, I modeled and hand painted various characters, obstacles, traps, buildings, and collectables. Below are a couple of examples of the work I did for this project.



Goblin Mage

The Goblin Mage is a swift, but frail character. He moves faster in the game, but isn't able to take as much damage as the other characters.

For this character, the base mesh was provided and I modified him and made his new clothing. All hand painted.

Goblin Ranger

The Goblin Ranger is athletic and poised. He is similar to a wide receiver. He is taller than the Mage and can more easily be hit by low hanging traps.

For this character, the base mesh was provided and I modified him and made his new clothing. All hand painted like the Goblin Mage Character.


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